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Intel releases native x86 Android 4.0 emulator for faster app debugging

24 May
via cdn.androidcentral.com
Android developers have gotten a nice surprise today: an Android 4.0 x86 image has been released for the platform’s software development kit. For the vast majority of people developing on computers that use x86 processors, the update will let the emulator run at native speeds and with fewer bugs, since it will be running native x86 code rather than code from the ARM platform.

Developers can install it by refreshing the SDK Manager, then selecting the x86 image under Android 4.0.3. Downloading the image may take some time due to high demand, though. For developers, this means a better system for building and testing apps. Intel’s x86 architecture is ubiquitous, and this upgrade will complement the native x86 support that was added to the emulator back in March.


XBMC 11.0 ‘Eden’ officially released with AirPlay support and Addon Rollbacks

25 Mar
XBMC 11.0 screenshot

The beta tag has been lifted off the latest iteration of XBMC with the official release of version 11.0 “Eden.” The updated home media software includes a slate of additions, including AirPlay support, improvements to the default UI skin, a new integrated weather service, and the ability to revert to previous versions of Addons — the software’s take on plug-ins — built right into the system itself. Available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, 11.0 is also the first XBMC version to have stable iOS and second-generation Apple TV versions ready for simultaneous launch as well. For those in need of a dedicated turnkey solution, XBMCbuntu — a version of the software that contains an embedded operating system — is also available. The full list of feature additions and tweaks are available in the changelog, but if you’d like to get started right away, you can download the new version now.